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Pat’s On Periscope – Show 10

In this edition I talk about calling the right person for the job the first time (ie – Computer Repair) and not the second or third time.  We also discuss the Facebook Rant & Rave page along with a myth that the planet Mars will be as big as the Moon on August 27th!

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Social Media

Welcome To My 100th Subscriber!

you tube_2 8_14.inddThis is my header/banner for my YouTube Page

What started out as an idea while driving around in my vehicle has come true.  With a little encouragement from Amy at and hearing her speak live at the Social Brand Forum last September, I have transformed my YouTube page into an organized “CHANNEL” for my business, The Computer Guy and have gotten my 100th subscriber!!  I was looking for a way to do video series that would make sense and wouldn’t just be all techy stuff.  It’s since then that I’ve also developed this blog site to compliment my YouTube Channel.  I’ve promised people for over a year about my video series “Random Access” and it’s nearly up and running.

Something that I have learned from some Social Media friends of mine — Deb Brown, Sara Broers, Jason Falls and others — is to create content once and post many times.  I feel that is what I am starting with this Blog AND my YouTube Channel.  From the blog, it may go to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.  From YouTube, it goes to Google+ and also this blog, Facebook or Twitter.  It’s a “web” you might say.  I go to a LOT of Social Media events and I DO pay attention to what people say and demonstrate.  Want to learn more about Social Media???

There are several Social Media events coming up:
The Social Media Rockstar event in Morton, MN on September 16th – I’m attending.
Social Brand Forum in Iowa City, IA on October 15th-16th – I’m NOT attending.  (Please move it back to Coralville)
Social Media Midwest Summit in Mason City, IA on October 24th – I’m attending.

This spring, depending on how the stars align, I may be having an event myself.  Details are sketchy yet and I would have to locate a place to hold such an event.  I will be looking forward to in seeing how these three do this fall to determine a schedule.  Sadly, the events in the Des Moines area have seemed to have dried up.  Either everyone down there knows everything or the people who held them in the past have not come out financially on them.

One thing I do know… VIDEO will be a main part of the event, as that is where it’s at right now!

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Pat’s On Periscope – Show 9

WOW, I am already on Show #9 for Pat’s On Periscope and up to around 50 “Likes” or “Followers” on the Periscope.  This week we talk about Windows 10 and how SOME computer manufacturers (Dell & Sony) are telling customers to “hold your horses” and wait on the download.  We also talk about a PayPal hoax and many other things.  This was a shorter ‘scope as the sound and video became un-synced and I never did fix it, so I called it a wrap at around the 10:30 mark.  Enjoy!

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Pat’s On Periscope – Show 8

Today we are talking about how to get more life out of your new TV!  This is Elvis week and whether you know it or not, The King is on social media big time!!  We also have “Show & Tell” on a video hoax.

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North Iowa

Family Pets?

2015-08-02 16.33.06

Chloe The Cat

For those who know me, I’m a cat person, but, I love most animals and see my share along my routes from town to town.  I even take care of the technical needs for a dog kennel down by Owasa and enjoy seeing those dogs as well.  Monday was a weird day, not only did I see a cat, but I also saw a dragon… Yes, a Dragon Lizard that’s found in Australia and not so much in Sheffield, Iowa.  Anyway, one of these days, I may go back to the house in Sheffield and talk with the owner about his….pet.

2015-08-03 19.56.55

Sorry, I didn’t catch your name.

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