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The “Microsoft Call” Scam

The “real” Microsoft says that 3.3 million people will be duped out of $15 BILLION dollars in 2015 due to fake calls from Microsoft, Apple, Windows, or many scams.  Their targets are mostly elderly people.  Today, “Sharon” picked the wrong guy to call.  What happens is that they want you to hit a combination of keys to show you how messed up your computer is.  In this case, they wanted to show me the CLSID number, which is the same in every computer.  I recorded the screen through the process to show you how they do this and to warn you if they call you that you just need to hang up!!  In no uncertain terms this lady who eventually hung up on me know exactly what I think of her and her “call” to me.  It was just the luck of the draw that I had my video recorded next to me and my computer screen recorder on as well.  There’s a special place in hell for these people who call from overseas where there are no laws or rules in which to get your money back from them.

Please, if you have an older friend or relative, warn them of these people so they can just hang up on them, or tell them what I tell them, “It’s a bunch of shit!”

Here are some research links as well:

Please, be safe on line.



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