2017 Year In Review

2017 — What a year! We came off of a dismal 2016 with all sorts of celebrity deaths to a year of some personal gains, personal happiness, personal sadness and the loss of some dear friends. My wife Becky and I took separate vacations this year, because I had a trip to California planned and she wanted to go to Duluth, MN. Since I’m not really a Duluth fan, she went up and took it all in.

One question that came up was, “You let your wife go to Duluth alone?” Well, yes I did. She’s been there before alone and I have no reason not to trust her. Good Lord, I attended three events in the first quarter of 2017 that were “adult” in nature — and she trusted me!! She had a fun time and I had a fun time — so let’s look at the year 2017!

Our year started out great with a few Minnesota Twins events that Luke was excited about and we even went to a few games. I hit 5 Twins games during the season… and I’m not even a Twins Fan… but a fun time was had by all.

On January 17th, a dear friend of mine passed away. William Margold, known affectionately to his friends as “Papa Bear” for the role he played as caretaker and father figure to the world of Adult Performers. Yes, by definition Bill was what you would call a “Porn Star” and starred in over 500 movies in a career that started back in 1972. But that didn’t define the person he was to me. To me he was a Yankee Fan, Lions Fan, BBQ Fan, Mexican Food Fan and for MANY years was a movie reviewer for a newspaper in the Los Angeles area. ┬áHe died, on the air, at 6:19pm — doing what he loved — talking about the adult industry and how to protect the performers.

After the phone line went dead, I tried calling him at least six times that night and four the next morning, telling myself, “Well, he just went out for a bite to eat.” Finally, I got scared and called a mutual friend who called the LAPD and when they broke the door down, they found Bill right there in his chair in front of his computer. The phone had dropped from his hand and was on the floor. Shortly after my call to our mutual friend, my phone lit up the rest of the night and for many days to come with adult performers calling from all over the country — Bill spoke to them all of the time and must have circulated my name. “Pat, you have to come out to California, Bill would have wanted you to be here,” said Herschel Savage, a veteran in the adult entertainment business after the date of the William Margold Memorial was set. So, I did and was then invited to speak to the crowd of around 100 or so.

I miss Bill everyday, that’s for sure. It was like talking to my Dad, I guess that’s why I wrote so much about him. Sadly, I never got to say goodbye to Bill — at least I had that with my Dad.

Moving on, Becky and I went to The Hollywood Show and met some great folks out in Chicago. We met up with a classmate and his wife and had some Chicago Style pizza. Personally, Pasquale’s Pizza in Humboldt Iowa is a whole lot better. We flew on Air Choice One and it was a bit bumpy, but we made it back in one piece.

I went back to California for an event that I promised Bill I would go to. I really don’t think that Bill cared about the event as much as he did being able to hang out and going out for some meals. Instead, I went to the event and my friend, Herschel Savage was my driver — along with some Uber vehicles as well. I stayed at the home of David Bertolino and his fiance Cindy. They are wonderful people and we have become good friends as well. I met David and Cindy at an event in California the year before and they remembered how “some guy from Iowa was so nice and thanked us for the meal we prepared.” It’s called, “Iowa Nice” — we can’t help it.

In the meantime we welcomed the births of Henry Brase and Nora Klenz — our great nephew and great niece. Much fawning was done over them by Becky…me, I don’t care for children, but I’m sure they’ll do just fine without me gawking at them.

We went to many concerts in 2017 — Ronnie Millsap, LeRoy Van Dyke, Gary Morris, Rex Allen Jr, The Gatlin Brothers, just to name a few. We enjoy meeting the folks and listening to them talk about their lives. Sometimes it’s just interesting to hear what they have to say when they aren’t in front of crowd.

Becky once again played in the NIACC and Hampton Municipal Bands and enjoyed it very much.

We had fun times at birthday parties and other events with Becky’s family. Since my folks are gone, it’s nice to feel like I’m part of a family again — even though it’s on a more subdued level sometimes.

Becky enjoys her job at MetalCraft and I am still The Computer Guy and love it. I did partner with a friend of mine to create, “Home Grown Social Media” and we teach classes all over Iowa. It’s fun and we hope to grow it in 2018.

The video pretty much says it all — we had a fun year!

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