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North Iowa, Video

Random Access – Show #10 – Having Fun At Auction School

One of my favorite places to hang out in North Iowa is at The World Wide College of Auctioneering when they have their Auction School. Sara Broers, who handles much of their social media training called me today, “PAT, PAT, you have to come over here and meet someone!”  Naturally, when she gets THIS excited, I have to go see what’s going on. (As you remember from my last trip to auction school, I met Reggie Rivers from the Denver Broncos!)

Today was a great day because I got to meet Kody Ray Steele from Minnesota. Kody is studying the art of auctioneering, BUT also brought a gift to the class as well. The gift of humor and impressions. No, he doesn’t do impressions of famous politicians, but, as this video shows — he brings a lot MORE to the table. His class was in stitches!  Watch and see!

Many thanks to Sara Broers for shooting some of the video and for Paul C. Behr and his staff for letting me hang out for a bit while the folks ran through several auction exercises.

Just so you know — Kody has his own YouTube Channel, so check out his videos as well.  It’s at Kody Ray Steele!!


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