Patpaperpic Patrick Palmer – The Computer Guy

 So, what is Random Access??

Random Access was born out of my randomness of life.  I think some things in life are structured and I think some things are random.   Through my various and sometimes random interests in life, I had to find a way to communicate things that would interest, challenge and amuse me and a possible audience.  A random crowd may like a random amount of content I post on this page, while a random crowd may not.

Random Access is a bit of a computer term and since I’m The Computer Guy, I figured I’d tie the two together.  Keep in mind, this isn’t a “tech” blog, however, you will learn tech type of things.  I dabble in Social Media, so you will pick up tips from time to time.  I also like to explore the hoaxes that people post online.  We will cover hoaxes as well.

I’ve had many roles in my life which will play into the Random Access theme.  Like everyone, there are basic family roles, job roles and hobby roles.  I will try to incorporate a bit of each into the various themes of the videos/podcasts/newsletters that I post.

Basic Family Roles:  Son, Uncle, Cousin, Nephew, Husband and In-Law.

Job Roles:  Restaurant Employee, Camp Director, Radio Announcer, Entrepreneur and of course The Computer Guy.

Hobby Roles:  Videographer, Genealogist, Gravestone Hobbyist, Cat Lover, Basset Hound Sympathizer, Social Media Enthusiast, Music Fan, Famous Person Chaser, Volunteer, Eagle Scout, Food Critic, Political Junkie, Narrator, Yankee Fan and Reality TV Junkie.

When you put these all together, we have Random Access!

Enjoy your stay,

Patrick Palmer
The Computer Guy