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Blabbing About Periscope!

I sat down with Melody Jones from Colorado and used “Blab” for the first time and discussed the ways I share my Periscope videos to YouTube.  Blab is similar to Google Hangouts, but it seemed to work a bit better.  It’s a Twitter product, or at least you use your Twitter handle to get into it.  We discussed a few tips for Periscope and also how to upload your “Scope” to YouTube for repurposing.  For me, why put the work into something, to not save it and use a few other times in other areas of Social Media??!

A few basic things include: Restart the phone, put your phone on Do Not Disturb, clean the front and back lenses, speak in a steady and confident voice, use #hashtags to get the Periscope noticed in specialized topics and just be yourself with plenty of content!

I did a screen recording of our session, but the original link can be found here:

Melody Jones – Social Media Management Services can be found online here:

Thanks for the Blab, Melody!



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