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Random Access – Show #8 – Do You Want Fries With That?

A few months ago, I noticed a new business page on Facebook that offered food delivery in Mason City and North Iowa. The page was called “We Got It.” It looked like two guys were starting up a service running food all around town. They mentioned a few places and talked about their travels. It made me wonder, what kind of a commitment must this be and how does this all work?

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I reached out to them and asked them how it was going and if they’d like to be my guest on this blog and right away they said, “YES!” So, I lined it up so they could meet me at Social Media Breakfast in Mason City and I’d just chat with them after the program. Little did they know, they were going to get the BONUS plan, because KIMT-TV was planning on coming after the breakfast to interview Sara Broers and I about our new venture of Home Grown Social Media and our NEW on-line school that we had just launched.

When Sara told us that KIMT was on their way but running behind, Jonathon sort of kicked at the ground and said, “Gee, I wish KIMT would do a story on us.” I said, “Hold on boys, don’t leave — I’m thinking we can work this out.” Right away there were smiles and a few “WOWs” and sure enough, after our portion was done, the boys from “We Got It” were interviewed …and played on that night’s KIMT 6:00pm newscast. Click for their KIMT interview.

Meet Trysten Swanson and Jonathan Marinero — the guys who will go the extra mile for your culinary cravings — just call them and order your food at (641) 210-8699.

trysten-kimtphoto jonathonkimt

PS: I think they’ll be back to Social Media Breakfast!

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Random Access – Show #2 – What Am I Bid??

So, MANY years ago — probably around 1989 or so, my Dad said, “Hey, let’s go see Leroy Van Dyke in Fort Dodge — he’s the world’s most famous auctioneer!”  I said, “Sure!” Leroy ran through his normal set of songs, then concluded with “The Auctioneer.” Now, my Dad being a huge fan, tried to sing the song all the way home — epic fail.  Since then, I learned the song and sing it now and then at karaoke whenever the chance presents itself, now more than for any other reason as a tribute to my Dad. I also have a general fascination with auctioneers because all I did was memorize a song, these folks have to handle all sorts of situations from bid calling, clerking, accounting, logistics and even social media.

I’ve heard of The Worldwide College Of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa for a long time, as it’s been around for about 80 years. Paul Behr is the president and along with his partner Vicky Ginder run the training program that has turned out some of the best auctioneers in the country. My friend Sara Broers of Social Connections and my partner in Home Grown Social Media handles their social media training and she told me to stop by!

Students ranged from the young to the young at heart and also featured former Denver Broncos’ Running Back Reggie Rivers who is there to hone his skills in the area of benefit and collectible auctions. I also was prepared and picked up his autograph as well.

I plan on going back this Friday evening for the Student Auction and see how Blake and Reggie have progressed over the rest of the week!


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Blabbing About Podcasting: Getting Your Message To The Masses

Back a few months ago, I was talking to Sara Broers who manages our North Iowa Social Media Breakfast Club about how we were going to  round out the year.  What sort of program would we do two days before Christmas in two feet of snow and expect people to show up?  We didn’t expect people to drive in inclement weather, but we wanted to remain consistent as far as our monthly programming went.  I told her I would think of something.

In September I was at the “Social Media Rockstar Event” in Minnesota and I heard Janet Johnson give a presentation on “Blab” and how she uses it for podcasting and my wheels started to spin.  At the same time, Jason Falls had just launched a podcast called “100 Proof: The Badass Radio Show.”  In the meantime I also knew that since there were three open seats on my “Blab” that I could have one more guest and I’d been a fan of Bridget Willard and her “You Too Can Be A Guru” YouTube channel.

I talked to Janet and she said she’d be glad to appear, while Jason said, “Hell, yeah!!” and Bridget said, “That’s 6:45am here in California!! But, I’ll be happy to be on the Blab.”   Naturally, I had talked to Jason and Janet back in September and so after a friendly reminder was sent out, I  officially got them on board for the December 23rd event.

I wanted to feature three different styles of podcast.  Throw a stick and you can come up with MANY topics that everyone is an “expert” at, so I wanted to feature Jason, not because of his digital marketing experience, but for his work in radio and having fun with the podcast.  I wanted to feature Janet, because her co-host of her podcast is in another state and Bridget because hers is a regularly scheduled Blab.

I’m happy to report that the event went off without a hitch and there were a lot of viewers and a lot of interest in the room.  As you can see, many of the people in the crowd (23 men and 7 women) were live tweeting and posting on social media about what the presenters were talking about.   I thought it was probably more important to show the audience, since I was going to turn it over to questions at the end of the event.

By the way, during the show, it was raining and the temperature was 35 degrees.

Here are some of the links to the speakers’ websites and Twitter info!

Jason Falls

Janet Johnson

Bridget Willard

Again, a big thanks to all who came out and to the three guests of the event in Mason City, IA!!   (#SiliconPrairie)

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Tutorial – Removing Facebook Apps

“It seemed like a good idea at the time!”  That’s what most people thought when they downloaded “The Most Popular Words Used In Your Profile” app this past week.  Over the past several days, it was revealed that the app really wasn’t that keen on keeping your information secure, so The Computer Guy to the rescue and has made a video on what to do in removing the apps that you no longer use or that may be harmful to your ONLINE health.

Enjoy and be careful, even when you set apps to “Only Me” they can still collect your private information!

Follow The Computer Guy on Facebook at



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Pat’s On Periscope – Show 19

This week I review the recent Midwest Social Media Summit held in Mason City on 10/24/15.  I gave it a solid 9 out of 10 for their first time out of the gate!!  A lot was presented and people raved about the day as a whole!  Sadly, I think my volume was a bit weak on this video, so you’ll have to turn it up a bit!

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