Pat’s On Periscope – Show 11

Besides the fact that I have done 11 of these Pat’s On Periscope show, this is the first one with props!  I talk about keeping your computer cool and making sure all of the fans spin in your computers.  If any of them lock up, it’s time for a new fan.  Speaking of “fans,” I had to ban the idiot who kept posting rude comments during the Periscope.  Thankfully, you can’t see them and I know he just wanted his 10 seconds of fame.  I gave it to him and he went away.

I also talked about workspace opportunities in North Iowa and hope that someone can start one in Mason City.  I also discussed pictures of children with birth defects or physical handicaps who are posted online in hopes that Facebook or some major player will give $1 per “like” — which is a hoax and a cruel trick to play on the parents or loved ones of these children.




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