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Pat’s On Periscope – Show 16

First of all, I can’t believe I’ve done this show for 16 weeks and second of all, I still can’t figure out why I can’t remember where the settings are for getting my stand height to be the same ever week.  Ugh!

Domestic violence affects so many people and in many cases it just cripples a family’s physical and mental health.  I was watching Dr. Phil the other day and he and his wife developed an app for your mobile phone that will text pre-assigned messages to friends and a recorded message to 911.  I thought it was so valuable, I decided to feature it this week in my show.  More information on the “Aspire News” app can be found by watching this video from Dr. Phil and his wife, Robin.

We also discuss the Microsoft call hoax, which I featured here last week and I talk about the Midwest Social Media Summit.  “Summit” is the 2016 buzzword of the year — everything is now a summit, but I know folks will really get a lot out of the event on October 24th at NIACC.


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