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Pat’s On Periscope – Show 17

Monday was  a VERY windy day and with that comes the chance to download Weather Apps to your phone.  My favorite is the KIMT-TV Weather App, but many sites have their own.  One key thing to keep in mind is do NOT link your social media account to the app.  There is no reason for that and if they want your personal information, maybe it’s time to look at another app.

We also talk about a topic which was covered on The Dr. Phil Show a few weeks ago and this was keeping kids safe and NOT to talk to strangers on line.  Parents should have access to their child’s Social Media accounts and log into them now and then.  Search the chat areas of the phone and to the other places where photos may have come into the phone.

One guy helped parents wake kids up over this whole issue in this video — You may be shocked!

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