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Random Access – Show #3 – Let’s Grab A Cup!

Imagine a simpler time, 1921, let’s say — but with some of the technology and expectations of today. You stroll into an old-time coffee shop and order a cup of Joe straight up black. Well, you COULD do that, but you could also order one of MANY varieties of coffees, lattes, and mocha beverages. Team that up with smoothies and silky hot chocolate and you have yourself one heck of a coffee shop.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  Yes, sweet treats and even biscuits and gravy on Saturday mornings.

What am I talking about, you ask??  Well, it’s called Block 10 At 1921 City Hall in downtown Sheffield, Iowa. Yes, it’s the old Sheffield City Hall that’s been converted into a coffee shop AND a rentable hall in which they are having weddings, banquets and other events. It’s a piece of history and I’m glad Holly Coffee and her husband have invested in this small North Iowa Community that I called home in the 70’s during the summer months at my grandparents’ home.

A few weeks ago I decided to give Holly and UN-announced visit with my video camera, yes, she wasn’t prepared, but sometimes that makes for the best video. After some mild arm twisting, she said, “Let’s do it!”  Now, I’ve known Holly and her family for 30+ years and I’m very happy to see her in this location with her daughter fixing up treats for the locals and travelers who are on their way to work. It’s worth the stop and the scones are WONDERFUL.  Just tell them Pat Palmer sent you by and watch Holly smile!

Their hours are from 7am – 10:30am Monday through Saturday, but I have a hunch of you are there a bit before 7 am, you will be taken care of. You won’t be disappointed.

Check them out on Facebook —

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