Random Access – Show #5 – From The Living Room To The Bedroom!

Back in 2000 or so when cable TV was still $29.99 a month, I was easily entertained by what I would call “Celebrity” Reality TV. There were many programs on The E! Network, VH-1 and MTV that would fit into this arena. Many were elimination dating shows, some were new shows on FOX and then there was my FAVORITE — The Anna Nicole (Smith) Show.  Sure, it was a train wreck, but it was mindless entertainment. I liked that…and still do!

So one night after Anna ended up in another predicament on her show, I left the TV on and went into the kitchen and heard some kid talking to actors, comedians and his side kick from his LIVING ROOM in Valparaiso, Indiana. I thought WOW, what a gig! “The Michael Essany Show” featured his Mom and Dad and a bit of the back story on how they got the guest to show up. There may have been about 10 minutes or so with the guest, but the rest was his trials and tribulations of writing the monologue, the phone calls to get the guest there, some idolizing over Letterman and Leno and then some footage of his Mom and Dad putting up with their son. It was a neat show and from what I remember it was on several seasons and I never missed it…after Anna Nicole’s show was over.

Here’s the Wikipedia Link in regards to The Michael Essany Show.

Fast forward to 2015 and Becky and I are at The Hollywood Show in Chicago (Rosemont, actually) and I see this young guy who I recognize. I paced around for a bit, because — I forgot his name!!  Then it hit me… It’s MICHAEL ESSANY! I walk up to him and he’s as friendly and as personal as can be. I asked him if it would be too much to get a quick interview and he tells me that he’s going to meet a few folks, then I can track him down and we’ll chat. We had a nice chat and then did the interview (See Above) and bumped into each other a few more times that afternoon as we were both celebrating being fans! We are both fans of the same stars — the late Adam West and Linda Blair. I loved his classic photo with Linda Blair from The Exorcist that he posted on his Facebook page. (See Below)

Fast forward ahead to 2017 and NOW, he has a show on Amazon Prime called “The Goodnight Show With Michael Essany!” Naturally, when you are now a proud father as Michael is, you feature your kids in the promo for your show.  Even if you spend time with him watching him in the bedroom!

essany-west essany-blair
      Michael with the late Adam West               Michael hamming it up with Linda Blair

I’ve said it since the first time I saw him, he will go far. I wish Michael only the best and I appreciate him taking time out of his day to chat with me. I’m glad I’m an Amazon Prime Member, because season one of his show is included with my membership!!

PS – And because I know you are all curious… Here’s The Anna Nicole Show as well. Enjoy!

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